What Our Clients Say

Cornerstone Counselors are:  honest, interested, compassionate, competent, caring, hopeful, professional, helpful, fun, offer healing and grace, are a conduit, capable, understanding, thoughtful and considerate.  (according to our clients).  facs_guidance_counsel

  • I feel like you have gone over and beyond what I even pictured a marriage counselor would do. To tell you the truth….for the longest time I didn’t even want to go to one because I thought that they were just going to point fingers and tell me everything that I am doing wrong;  You are honest with me and tell me things that I do need to change, but yet you dig deeper to get more in depth reasons of why some things are happening and why I feel the way that I do.  Every time that I walk away from a session I feel as if someone really does care about what is going on. You are giving me hope and a new reason to strive for the things that are going on in my life right now. -by Anon
  • Very nice people. Caring and compassionate. They really listen, not just pretend to listen then give actual helpful advice.  -by Thankful
  • “My therapist demonstrated skills in counseling methods to facilitate my walk through this dark time. She challenged me to grieve when appropriate. I have worked in the mental health field for about 11 years and have yet to find someone I trust so implicitly. Indeed, I have placed the remnants of my life in her hands and she placed them in God’s. He used her as a conduit for His healing and grace, and she allowed Him to do so.” -by DB
  • I learned at counseling how to relax by deep breathing when I get nervous. Mr. Murphy made counseling fun and he likes basketball. He was interested in learning about my pets which made me smile. Grady, Age 10
  • It’s tough being a single parent, but being a single parent of twins was overwhelming. One daughter had ADHD and acted out and the other daughter was quiet and withdrawn. During family counseling, Scott helped me learn to deal with my children’s issues and helped my daughters learn how to feel better and make better decisions. He is by far the best counselor I have ever utilized.  Beth
  • Scott helped me deal with an unexpected divorce after 28 years of marriage. He was able to help me heal from the shock and emotional pain. He is a very caring person that listens and gives ways to help with this difficult process. I actively worked on my goals and self care and have became a stronger person. Sarah